I will talk about the effects, efficacy, actions, ideas, etc. in the English version.

★1. Pulse diagnosis(脈診)is one of the important diagnuses in Ulvader medicine.(アーユルヴェーダー医学)

★2. Ulvader medicine(アーユルヴェーダー医学)in oldest traditional medicine in the world.(世界最古の伝承医学)

★3. Chinese medicine(中国医学)conbines(結合させた)acupoints(ツボの点)and meridians.(経絡・線)

★4. In other word it is the effect(効果)of the combination of point(点)and lines.(線)by fusing this great idea.(この融合させた・調和は偉大な発想)

★5. Humans(人間)get good results(結果)when they work(働いて)in the sub-consius.(潜在意識)

★6. For that it is important to relax and breathing.(呼吸)To control(調整すること)and breathe out.(息を吐くこと)

★7. Just pay attention to your breathing and breath.(ただ、呼吸に注意を向けて、呼吸して下さい)

★8. Meditation(瞑想)enhances the energy of the mind.(心のエネルギーを高める)

★9. It is important for people to taste(味わう)appreciate(享受・受け入れ、味わう)the energy.(エネルギー・エナジー)

★10. Also, it is important to taste(味わう・感覚)appreicate(享受・受け入れ、楽しむ)it in order to rejuvanate(若返られる、活力を取り戻させる)your brain.(脳)

★11. Be aware of the feeling of tasting everything.(全てのことに、味わう感覚を意識する)

★12. Peaple defend(防衛)when they have anxiety(不安・心配)in their hearts.(人は心の奥に不安・心配があると防衛する)

★13. Pulse diagnosis(脈診)is a diagnosis on a sensation(感覚・知覚)of primitive(素朴な・基本の)fingertip.(指先・指端)(脈診は素朴な指先感覚による診断です)

★14. The ideas(思想)that form the basis(根幹)of chinese medicine(中国医学)are yin(陰)and yang.(陽)(中国医学の根幹をなす思想は陰と陽です)

★15. It is method(方法・方式)to cure(治す)the disease(=病気)be enhancing(高める・増す)the natural healing power(自然治癒力・回復力)and vitality(生命力)of the body by harmonizing(調和させて・協調させる)this yin and yang.(この陰陽を調和させることによって。身体の自然治癒力、生命力を高めて病気を治してしまう)

★16. Harmonizing this yin(陰)and yang(陽)is the most(最も)important treatment(治療)method.(この陰と陽を調和させることが最も大切な治療法となります)

★17. I consider(よく考える・考察する)this yin(陰気)and yang(陽気)to be energy.(Positive energy and negative energy)(私はこの陰気と陽気はエナジーと考えます)(ポジティブエナジーとネガティブエナジー)

★18. Harmonizing this energy is the primary goal.(第一の目標・第一の主要な)(このエナジーを調和させることが第一の目標です)

★19. Acupuncture(鍼治療)has the effect(効果)of superiorty(優位)para-sympathetic nerves.(副交感神経)(鍼治療は副交感神経を優位にする効果があります)

★20. Brings(もたらす・導く)(持ってくる)the yang(陽気)to the yin.(陰気)There is an idea to bring the yang to yin.(陽から陰へ)(陽気を陰気にもたらすというアイデアがあります)

★ This idea(考え方・発想)is great idea.(素晴らしい発想) It is most essential(重要な・必要な)for me to apply(応用する・利用する)this idea to the treatment method.(私はこの考え方を治療に活用することは最も重要です)

★ A world of harmony and a world of bring.(調和の世界)(もたらす世界)

★21. The way of thinking in Eastern Philosophy.(東洋哲学での考え方)

★ Everything has two sides.(二面性)(すべての物事は二面性がある)For example, the yin(陰)and yang(陽)of Eastern thought. (東洋思想)(例えば、東洋思想の陰と陽)

★ Yin(陰)is activated(活動する・活性化する)by bring the yang.(陽)(陽をもたらすことにより陰が活動する。

★22. Harmonize these two contradictory(相反する・正反対の)works to bring out the inner power.(内なる力)of the body.(これら二つの相反するエナジーの働きを調和させて身体の内なる力を引き出す)

★ This idea is very interesting.(このアイデアはとても面白い)

★23. Great hint(大いなるヒント・手がかり)when thinking about illness.(病気)

★ Immune aging(免疫の老化)is gret hint.(手がかり)

★ In the coming ear, hints of immune aging will be requires.(必要とする)(これからの時代は「免疫の老化」のヒントが求められる)

★ An approach to immune aging is need.(免疫の老化に対するアプローチが必要です)

★24. Immunity can be enhanced by improving(向上・改善)the blood flow in the capillaries.(毛細血管)(毛細血管の血流を良くすると免疫力が高められます)

★ Acupuncture(鍼術)enhanced the circulation(循環)of capillaris.(鍼術は毛細血管の循環を高めます)

★25. The key to good health lies in the capillares.(健康の鍵は毛細血管にあります)

★ Immunity is boosted by increasing the circulation of capillaries with acupuncture(鍼治療)(鍼治療で毛細血管の循環を高めると免疫力が上がります)

★26. Rejuvenation(若返り・元気回復)of capillaries improves immunity.(毛細血管が若返ると免疫力がアップします)

★ Specifically(具体的には)it is important to improve the circulation of capillaries.On the surface of the skin.(具体的には、皮膚の表面の毛細血管の循環を良くすることが大事です)

★ Acupuncture(鍼治療・A tschnipue that targetes the「skin」without insert.(刺さないで「皮膚」を治療目標にする手法)(鍼を打たない・Do not hit needle)Acupuncture is an effective techniques.(鍼術は有効な手法です)

★27. The therapeutic(治療上の)goal is the skin.(治療目標は皮膚です)

★ Circulation of capillaries on the surface of the skin.(皮膚の表面の毛細血管の循環です)

★ Circular acupuncture is performed on the surface of this skin.(この皮膚の表面に対して「円鍼術」を行います)

★28. Rub your back with circular acupuncture.(この円鍼で背中を擦る(さする・こする)円鍼術を行います)

★ Do this several tim(数回)from top to bottom.(Shoulder from back)(肩から腰)(上から下に向かって数回行います)

★ This technique is effective(効き目)against capillary circulation and deseases.(この手法による毛細血管循環や病気に効き目があります)

★ This method is seacret method.(この手法は神秘的な秘法です)

★29. Acupuncture treatment of pain(痛み)or disease(病気)by inserting(差し込む・入れる)the tip of needles at specific(特効のある)point on the skin.(皮膚)(鍼治療は皮膚の特定の場所に鍼の先を差し込むことによる痛み、または、病気の治療)

★30. Acupuncture promoted circulation.(鍼治療は循環を促進します)

★ Use traditional acupuncture to regulate(整える) the「flow of energy」 (伝承的な鍼で「気」の流れを調整する)

★31. I interpret medicin(解釈する)and treat oriental medicine domestic medicine. and it is medicine to harmonize. (調和させる医学である)

★ Harmonize mind and body. (精神と肉体を調和させる)

★32. For example, To grow while making mistakes it is important to be「cherful」「fun」and 「positive」 (例えば、失敗を重ねながら成長していく、そのためには「明るく」「楽しく」そして「前向き」が大事)

★33. Harmony is when to energy collided(ぶつかる・衝突する)and haemonise.(調和させる) (調和は二つのエナジーがぶつかり合いながら「調和」していくことです)

★ This idea is seclet treasure.(この発想は「秘宝」です)

★ Displin is key to success.(自制心が成功の鍵です)

★34. Let's become ourselves aiming(狙いつける)for heighte. (高みを目指す自分になろう)

★ Awareness to overcome is important.(逆潮に突っぱれの意識)=(乗り越える意識が大切))

★ Be optimistic and active. (楽観的であること行動力あがること)

★35. In oriental medicine they are called「meridians」(経絡)(けいらく)and 「acupuncture point」(経穴)(けいけつ) (東洋医学では経絡、経穴と呼びます)

★ Meridians is meridian.(経線・子午線)It means the meridian of the earth.(地球の「経線・子午線」を意味します)

★36. Oriental medicine considers(考察する)meridian to be a passage(通路・通過する)throgh which 気(qi)energy flows. (東洋医学では、経絡は「気」の流れる通路と考えます)

★37. We believe that ideal flow of 気(qi)and blood(血)(けつ)during the merideans is healthy. (経絡を「気」と「血」が理想的に流れていることが健康と考えます)

★38. In order to generate ideas, the hint is to learn well and play well. (アイデアを生み出すためのヒントは、よく学び、よく遊びにあります)

★ There are hints of ideas in interesting places. (面白い所に、アイデアのヒントがあります)

★ There fore, it is inportant to do everything that is interesting. (従って面白がって何事もやることが大切です)

★ From now on「Design thinking」is inportant. (これからは「デザイン思考」が大事です)

★39. Acupuncture has the effect of in crasing capillary circulation and rejuvenation the body. (鍼術は毛細循環を高めて、身体を元気にする効果があります)

★Acupuncture has the effect of improving capillary circulation and energizing the body. (鍼術は毛細循環を高めて、身体に活力を与える効果があります)

★40. Pulse diagnosis in chinese medicine examines vitality. (中国医学)東洋医学での脈診は生命力(活力・元気)を診ます

★41. The effect of acupuncture is cerebral circulation and function.(鍼術の効果は脳の循環と機能です)

★42. Acupuncture is an important way connects dots.

★A passage(meridians)is created by connecting dots.

★43. In life as will, the idea of『connecting the dots』an important idea.

★Also,『The point will eventually become lines, and the will eventually become faces』

★This idea is also in interesting.

★There is nothing wasted.

★44. It is important that a line, is born from a point and(intersect)that line.

★ It's an encounter, an encounter is important in life.

★45. Human are expresion of joy.

★ It is important to keep it interesting.

★46. Acupuncture works for pain in the shoulder area.

★ Acupuncture works for pain in the lower back area.

★ It’s acupuncture has a technique to remove inflammation.

★47. This is most important idea of acupuncture.

★ There is happy medium in everything.

★ It is a quesion of finding happy medium.

★48. All things are in a state of flux.

★ If it turns to the cathode, it will turn positive.
(陰 極まれば 陽に転ず)(陽 極まれば 陰に転ず)

★ We have two elements Yin and Yang.

★49. Interest, interset and fun are energy.

★ Interest and fun are trasures for important keyword in life and research.

★ This feeling is also important in clinical resarch on pulse diagnosis acupuncture.

★50. Life is fumbling.

★ Pulse diagnosis acupuncture is also a fumbling state clinical study.

★ If it can be imaged It can be created.

★51. Aim for one chance.

★ Don’t forget your original intention.

★ He who would climb the ladder must begin at the botton.

★52. Obsession for victory.

★ I have been obsessed with the pulse and researched acupuncture.

★ This strong commitment(obsession)is great energy.

★53. The importance of information.

★ The art of war, by Sun Tzus.

★ If you know your enemy and you know yourself, there is no danger of a hundred battles.
(敵を知り己を知れば百戦危うからず)<孫子・孫武> (人学ばざるは道を知らず)<礼記・孔子>

★54. Desires in clude「Pleasant - desires」and「Painful - desires」

★ Aim for a desire that makes you feel happy and happy.

★ It’s take it positively and pleasant.

★55. Coexistence with nature is important for helth.

★ This is becourse the body is one with nature.

★ Acupuncture is about strengthening the vital energy flow of nature.

★56. “気の流れ” を英語で表現しますと vitel energy flow or flow of energy と言います。つまり “生命” のエネルギーの流れとなります。

★ This expression is very interesting:English

★ Health and vitality are important for life.

★57. The secret of polse diagnosis acupuncture.

★ Professionally the “harmony of yin and yang”

★ A pulsation in the middle vein without being biased to the shade or the yang.

★ It’s super happy.

★58. Laughter is source of good health.

★ ☆You don’t laugh becouse you’re happy.
  ☆You’re happy becouse you laugh.
  (Alain):Emile-Auguste chartier.

★59. The utility of distraction and interesting.

★ Distraction and interesting are treasures of life.

★ You can swich your thourgts to a new channel.
  Bertrand - Arthur william : Russel.

★60. The treasur of life is the determination.
(人生の宝は ”決意” をすることです)

★ And the first step is to take the first step.

★ Also, it is important to “Rejoice” in the that first step.
(さらに、その第一歩を ”歓喜” (大いに喜ぶ)することが 大事です)

★ At this time, it is important to push out freely and brightly.

★61. If you are impressed the world in fun.

★ Everything depends on whethere it is fun or not.

★ Impression is a treasure of life : < be impressed > < It’s energy >

★62. In oriental medicin “deficiency” and “excess” most important things.
(東洋医学では ”虚” と ”実” を最も大切に考えます)

★ The important things in Eastern thought is the “margin”
(東洋思想で大事なことは、それは ”余白” です)

★ Dificiency means incom plteteness or insufficiency.

★63. Eastern thought:find beauty in the “deficiency”.

★ The idea that there is beauty in the “deficiency” is interesting.

★ It is also interesting to think that this “margin” has the effect of leading to Rejoice.

★64. The meaning of constellation is “constellation” “arrangement” “entrustment”and “gathering”

★ The idea that the whol thing can be seen by “entrusting” it is interesting.
(”委ねる”ことによって全体が見えて来るという 考え方は興味深いですね)

★65. Acupuncture is effective for neck pain and inflammation.

★ The neck is closely related to the circulation of the brain and face.
(首は ”脳” や ”顔” の循環と深く関係しています)

★ Acupuncture can increase brood flow in the brain.
(鍼術は ”脳” の血流を高めることができます)

★66. Acupuncture is effective for neck pain and inflamation.

★ The “sterno cleido mastid : muscle” on the side of the neck is associated with a “beautiful” neck and face.
(首の横の ”胸鎖乳突筋” が美しい首や顔に関係しています)

★ Also, The “sterno cleido mastid : muscle ” is effective for shoulder pain and shallow breathing.

★67. Acupuncture is effective for shoulder pain and inflamation.

★ The neck is closely related to the circulation of the brain and face.
(首は ”脳” や ”顔” の循環と深く関係しています)

★ Acupuncture can increase brood flow in the brain.
(鍼術は “脳” の血流を高める事ができます)

★68. The “trapezius” muscle is just above the shoulder.
(”僧帽筋” は肩の真上にある筋肉です): 『僧帽筋の名の由来は修道士がかぶる台形のフード』

★ It is important to get rid of this muscle “over strain”
(この筋肉の ”過緊張” を取ることが大事です)

★ In addition, it is important to enhance the “capillary circulation” of this muscle by acupuncture.
(また、この筋肉の ”毛細血管循環”を高める事が大事です)

★69. The meaning of “lumbago” is lower back pain.

★ 「iliopsas muscle」(This muscle is an important muscle that “connects” the upper and lower body)
「腸陽筋」(ちょうようきん)(この筋肉は上半身と下半身を ”つなぐ” 大事な筋肉です)

★ “The target in acupuncture is this muscle”

★ “A beautiful posture comes from this muscle”

★70. Pulse diagnosis can diagnosis “resilience”

★ Also, Pulse diagnosis can diagnosis the “vitality”that in the body.
(また、脈診は身体の内側に持っている ”vitality”生命力、活気、生気エネルギーを診ることができます)

★ Vitality is born from supple pulse.

★71. Place your finger on “radius artery” of your wrist for examination.
(手首の ”橈骨動脈” に指を当てて診察します)

★ Check the “pulse” in the ”radius artery”( ”橈骨動脈” の ”脈” を診ます)or , check the pulse in the “carotid artery”(又は、”頸動脈” の脈を診ます)

★ Pulse diagnosis is a sensation of “primtive”finger tip.
(脈診は ”素朴” な指先の感覚による診断です)

★72. That oxyaen is carrid to the “brain” through a system of “artery”
(血中酸素は “動脈” 系を通じて ”脳” に運ばれます)

★ 「carotid artery」supply the fromt of the “brain”and 「vertebral arteris」”supply” the back.
「頸動脈」は ”脳” の前部に、「椎骨動脈」は ”脳”の後部に血液を ”供給” しています。

★ It is important to take dare of the “inside” and “outside” of the “blood vessel”

★73. It is important to increase the power to “return”from the “legs” to the “heart”

★ It improve “systemic” blood flow by increasing「venous return」
(それは「静脈還流量」を高めることで ”全身の”血流が良くなります)

★ It’s interest “venoue return”(ヴィーナス・リターン)

★74. Calf muscle(ふくらはぎの筋肉):cramp in the “ hamstring ”(ふくらはぎの筋肉がつった)

★ The “calf muscle” has the action of “foward force”and “jupping force”
(ふくらはぎの筋肉は ”前進力” や ”ジャンプする力”の作用(働き)があります)

★ It’s grate “calf muscle” The target in acupuncture is capillary circulation of this muscle.

★75. The “Meridians” that “dominate” the face.
(顔を “支配” している ”経絡(けいらく)”)

★ ①Around the “mouth” is a “stomach meridian”
(口の周囲は ”胃経絡” です)

★ ②The outside of the “nose” is the “large intestin”
(鼻の外側は ”大腸経絡” です)

★ ③The “check”of the “lung meridian”
(ほっぺえ・頬は ”肺経絡” です)

★ ④The “forehead” of the “heart meridian”
(おでこ・額は ”心経絡” です)

★ ⑤The “throat” of the “kidney meridian”
(喉や首は ”腎経絡” です)

★76. ①督脈(とくみゃく):Governor-vessel.(GV:Meridian)

★ ②妊脈(にんみゃく):Conception-vessel.(CV:Meridian)

★ ☆Controlling the “spirit”.
(督脈は ”気” を支配、制御する)古典・(気の海)

★ ☆Controlling the “blood”.
(妊脈は ”血” を支配、制御する)古典・(血の海)

★ ① If has effect of controlling the various“yang-energy”

★ ② If has effect of controlling the various“yin-energy”

★77. ①自律神経系:Autonomic nervous system.

★ ②交感神経 :Sympathetic nerve.

★ ③副交感神経:Parasympathetic nerve.

★ ☆古典・虚(きょ):Deficiency

★ ☆古典・実(じつ):Excess

★ Acupuncture is an “effective” technique for the“autonomic nervous system”
(鍼術は ”自律神経系” に ”有効” な手法です)

★78.“Moderateness” is important in acupuncture treatment.
(鍼術に於いて大事なことは ”程(ほど)よさ” です)

★ That is most important ”moderate adjustment”and “It feels moderate”
(それは ”程よい加減” と ”ちょうどいい感じ” です)

★ This idea is a “treasure” of acupuncture.
(この考え方は鍼治療の ”宝” です)

★ Technically it is called “dose”

★ ☆It great moderate(adjustment)


★ ☆瀉法(しゃほう):Reducing・(消減・軽減する)<減らす>

★ ①刺鍼の補瀉:
Reinforcing and Reducing manipulation of acupuncture therapy.

★ ②呼吸の補瀉:
Reinforcing and Reducing method by respiration.

★ ③開闔の補瀉
Reinforcing and Reducing method by keeping hole or closed.

★ ☆”Revitalize treatment” that stimulats(気・Qi) the “organs” or the “meridians”

★ ☆It is an excellent technipue of traditional  medicine.

★80.☆随証療法 (ずいしょうりょうほう)
:Proof therapy<証拠・証明・兆候>

★ The“proof ”(proof therapy)is the ”treatment policy”in oriental medicine.

★ Technicaly it is called “proof therapy”

★ ☆For example, You can “regain” the “brillance”by taking the steps you should take.

★ ☆Therapy in “accordanc” with the oriental medical “syndromes”
(随証療法とは ”証に従って治療が一致する”の意味です)<証に随って治療する>

★81.☆Shoulder stiffness:Symptom of shoulder stiffness.

★ ☆Neck stiffness :feel “stiff” around the neck.
(首すじがかたく”凝って” 曲がりにくい)

★ If you use your eyes too much, your neck and shoulders stiff.

★ ☆capillary circulation is “associated” with muscle “stiffness” and stiff.

★ ☆Acupuncture has an excellent function of promoting capillary circulation.

★82.☆If you raise your sense you will know the value.

★83.☆I believe that human brain can exert "tremendous" if it is serius.

★84.☆Utilize techniques(技・わざ)for yourself and others.

★ ☆There is a king in continuing to affirm.

★ In other words, there things will「find the beauty」of the deficiency.

★85.☆①The skin has "wisdom"

★ ☆Further more, the skin has "intelligence"

★ ☆②I believe the skin has another brain "function"

★ ☆③Therefore, there is a "clos-connection" between the skin and brain. I think.

★ ☆④The skin can be considered the second brain.

★ ☆⑤The skin "correlated" with the "lung" and "largeintestin"

★ ☆⑥When it comes to "glossy skin" "energy" comes out.

★ ☆⑦Skin is mysterious.

★ ☆And also, It has a lot of "Potential"
(そしてまた、沢山の "潜在能力" を持っている)

★ ☆⑧This "Power of intelligence" is important for interesting and having fun.
(面白がったり、楽しむためには、この "知性の力" が大切となります)

★ ☆⑨Intelligence:refers to human「cognitive abilities」including "sensory percepion"
(知性は:"感覚的な知覚作用" を含めた人間の「認識能力」を指します)

★ ☆In addition to:the ability to (know)(知る).(think)(考える).and(judge)(判断)things.(物事を)

★ ☆⑩More over "Senory and Perceptual action" are also very important.
(加えて "感覚的な知覚作用" もとても重要です)

★ ☆⑪"Imagination" is stronger than "Consciusness"
("想像" は "意識" より強い)

★86.☆People gain confidence when they "see" and "touch" the "real thing"
(人間は "本物" を"見たり" "触れたり" すると自信がでる)

★ ☆In other words, be impressed. impression.excitment.deep emotion.

★87.☆Don’t raise "blood sugar" too quicly.

Eat the "Vegetables" first.
(それは、最初に "野菜" を食べる)

★88.☆The concept of connecting "dot’s" to from a "surface"
(点と点が繋がって "面" となる考え方)

:The meaning of the "face" here means the "result"
(ここでの "面" の意味は "結果" や "成果" を意味します)

★89.☆A treasure of oriental thought.

★ ☆①When yin(陰)reaches it’s peak, it will begin to transform in to yang(陽)
(陰極まれば、陽になる):It energy flows. flow of energy.(エナジーは流動する).(気の流れ).energy flow .(生命力の流れ)

★ ☆②The yin(陰)energy is activated by "bring" the yang(陽)energy.

★ ☆③The idea that all things have "two sides"
(また、すべての物事は "二面性" からなるという考え方です)

★ ☆As an example, the yin (陰)and yang(陽)of eastern thought.