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We check the level of the peripheral circulation by PRECARE GAPH (APG-200) .
Evaluations are from level A to level G.
By using PRECARE GAPH before and after the acupuncture treatment, we can admit the result of the improved circulation.
The machine shows the effect of pulse diagnosis acupuncture treatment objectively.

With pulse diagnosis, we check the decline of the function of organs or the balance of meridians,
Pulse check makes it possible to diagnose the factors of pain, imbalances autonomac nerve system, and the levels of chronic exhaustion and stress, and the physical condition.

We can read the body constitution by chcking the pulse.
For example, sensitive to stimulation or to the cold, and easy to have a digestive problem or to get tired, all these constitutions and the condition are found and decided by the pulse check.

鍼治療前にチェック  脈診流チェック  脈診で体質を診る 

鍼治療前と後に血流改善効果の判定をします。脈診流・鍼治療 の治療効果を客観的に判定します。



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In Oriental Medicine we decide the treatment afterwards by measuring the quality of the pulse, which is called "Shou" in Japanese.
For example, in case that the pulse shows the weakness of the respiratory system, we cure stiff shoulders and relieve the pain in the shoulders. And if you have a pain in the back, we treat the "lung meridian".

With "Enshin needle skill" we cure the stiffness right over the shoulders and the pain within the scapula.
With this method we cure the stiffness or the pain by making the stream of "ki" from the shoulders to the back.
This is the original skill of Joukei Tsunogai.

We improve the circulation of tha whole back.
Blocked stream of "ki" and the circulation in the back leads to stomachaches caused by stream, lack of appetite and bad condition,
In pulse diagnosis acupuncture treatment we regard the flow on "ki" in the back as a matter of great importance.

脈診鍼治療の方針  肩の鍼術  背中の鍼術 







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