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Now the acupuncture therapist is stimulating the pressure point of the inner hip bone, which is called "Daichoyu".
And giving a technique of inserting a 0.18mm needle to the depth of about 8mm.
Lower back pain, hernia of an intervertebal disk, constipation, sensitivity to the cold, weariness under the waist, and bad condition can be effectively improved by this acupuncture treatment.

The acupuncture therapist is now massaging to stimulate from the center of the calf toward the ankle with "Enshin needle skill".
By improving the capillary circulation, we can anticipate the effective improvement on leg swelling and languor, and eventually turn out to get slender legs.
This skill is originated with Joukei Tsunogai.

The acupuncture therapist is now massaging the center of the ankle, whole ankle, and the heel with "Enshin needle skill".
In case that this part of ankle gets slender, after ankle swelling has decreased, the flow of blood from the waist to the shoulders and the neck will be improved.
Circulation of the ankle and that of the whole body are closely related.

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