I will talk about the effects, efficacy, actions, ideas, etc. in the English version.
Pulse diagnosis(脈診)is one of the important diagnuses in Ulvader medicine.(アーユルヴェーダー医学)
Ulvader medicine(アーユルヴェーダー医学)in oldest traditional medicine in the world.(世界最古の伝承医学)
Chinese medicine(中国医学)conbines(結合させた)acupoints(ツボの点)and meridians.(経絡・線)
In other word it is the effect(効果)of the combination of point(点)and lines.(線)by fusing this great idea.(この融合させた・調和は偉大な発想)
Humans(人間)get good results(結果)when they work(働いて)in the sub-consius.(潜在意識)
For that it is important to relax and breathing.(呼吸)To control(調整すること)and breathe out.(息を吐くこと)
Just pay attention to your breathing and breath.(ただ、呼吸に注意を向けて、呼吸して下さい)
Meditation(瞑想)enhances the energy of the mind.(心のエネルギーを高める)
It is important for people to taste(味わう)appreciate(享受・受け入れ、味わう)the energy.(エネルギー・エナジー)
Also, it is important to taste(味わう・感覚)appreicate(享受・受け入れ、楽しむ)it in order to rejuvanate(若返られる、活力を取り戻させる)your brain.(脳)
Be aware of the feeling of tasting everything.
Peaple defend(防衛)when they have anxiety(不安・心配)in their hearts.
Pulse diagnosis(脈診)is a diagnosis on a sensation(感覚・知覚)of primitive(素朴な・基本の)fingertip.(指先・指端)
The ideas(思想)that form the basis(根幹)of chinese medicine(中国医学)are yin(陰)and yang.(陽)
It is method(方法・方式)to cure(治す)the disease(=病気)be enhancing(高める・増す)the natural healing power(自然治癒力・回復力)and vitality(生命力)of the body by harmonizing(調和させて・協調させる)this yin and yang.
Harmonizing this yin(陰)and yang(陽)is the most(最も)important treatment(治療)method.
I consider(よく考える・考察する)this yin(陰気)and yang(陽気)to be energy.(Positive energy and negative energy)(私はこの陰気と陽気はエナジーと考えます)(ポジティブエナジーとネガティブエナジー)
Harmonizing this energy is the primary goal.(第一の目標・第一の主要な)
Acupuncture(鍼治療)has the effect(効果)of superiorty(優位)para-sympathetic nerves.(副交感神経)
Brings(もたらす・導く)(持ってくる)the yang(陽気)to the yin.(陰気)There is an idea to bring the yang to yin.(陽から陰へ)
This idea(考え方・発想)is great idea.(素晴らしい発想)
It is most essential(重要な・必要な)for me to apply(応用する・利用する)this idea to the treatment method.
A world of harmony and a world of bring.(調和の世界)(もたらす世界)
The way of thinking in Eastern Philosophy.
Everything has two sides.(二面性)(すべての物事は二面性がある)For example, the yin(陰)and yang(陽)of Eastern thought.(東洋思想)
Yin(陰)is activated(活動する・活性化する)by bring the yang.(陽)
Harmonize these two contradictory(相反する・正反対の)works to bring out the inner power.(内なる力)of the body.
This idea is very interesting.
Great hint(大いなるヒント・手がかり)when thinking about illness.(病気)
Immune aging(免疫の老化)is gret hint.(手がかり)
In the coming ear, hints of immune aging will be requires.(必要とする)
An approach to immune aging is need.
Immunity can be enhanced by improving(向上・改善)the blood flow in the capillaries.(毛細血管)
Acupuncture(鍼術)enhanced the circulation(循環)of capillaris.
The key to good health lies in the capillares.
Immunity is boosted by increasing the circulation of capillaries with acupuncture(鍼治療)
Rejuvenation(若返り・元気回復)of capillaries improves immunity.
Specifically(具体的には)it is important to improve the circulation of capillaries.On the surface of the skin.
Acupuncture(鍼治療・A tschnipue that targetes the「skin」without insert.(刺さないで「皮膚」を治療目標にする手法)(鍼を打たない・Do not hit needle)Acupuncture is an effective techniques.(鍼術は有効な手法です)
The therapeutic(治療上の)goal is the skin.
Circulation of capillaries on the surface of the skin.
Circular acupuncture is performed on the surface of this skin.
Rub your back with circular acupuncture.
Do this several tim(数回)from top to bottom.(Shoulder from back)(肩から腰)
This technique is effective(効き目)against capillary circulation and deseases.
This method is seacret method.
Acupuncture treatment of pain(痛み)or disease(病気)by inserting(差し込む・入れる)the tip of needles at specific(特効のある)point on the skin.(皮膚)
Acupuncture promoted circulation.(鍼治療は循環を促進します)
Use traditional acupuncture to regulate(整える) the「flow of energy」
I interpret medicin(解釈する)and treat oriental medicine domestic medicine. and it is medicine to harmonize.
Harmonize mind and body.
For example, To grow while making mistakes it is important to be「cherful」「fun」and 「positive」
Harmony is when to energy collided(ぶつかる・衝突する)and haemonise.(調和させる)
This idea is seclet treasure.
Displin is key to success.
Let's become ourselves aiming(狙いつける)for heighte.
Awareness to overcome is important.
Be optimistic and active.
In oriental medicine they are called「meridians」(経絡)(けいらく)and 「acupuncture point」(経穴)(けいけつ)
Meridians is meridian.(経線・子午線)It means the meridian of the earth.
Oriental medicine considers(考察する)meridian to be a passage(通路・通過する)throgh which 気(qi)energy flows.
We believe that ideal flow of 気(qi)and blood(血)(けつ)during the merideans is healthy.
In order to generate ideas, the hint is to learn well and play well.
There are hints of ideas in interesting places.
There fore, it is inportant to do everything that is interesting.
From now on「Design thinking」is inportant.
Acupuncture has the effect of in crasing capillary circulation and rejuvenation the body.
Acupuncture has the effect of improving capillary circulation and energizing the body.
Pulse diagnosis in chinese medicine examines vitality.
The effect of acupuncture is cerebral circulation and function.

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