I will talk about the effects, efficacy, actions, ideas, etc. in the English version.
Pulse diagnosis(脈診)is one of the important diagnuses in Ulvader medicine.(アーユルヴェーダー医学)
Ulvader medicine(アーユルヴェーダー医学)in oldest traditional medicine in the world.(世界最古の伝承医学)
Chinese medicine(中国医学)conbines(結合させた)acupoints(ツボの点)and meridians.(経絡・線)
In other word it is the effect(効果)of the combination of point(点)and lines.(線)by fusing this great idea.(この融合させた・調和は偉大な発想)
Humans(人間)get good results(結果)when they work(働いて)in the sub-consius.(潜在意識)
For that it is important to relax and breathing.(呼吸)To control(調整すること)and breathe out.(息を吐くこと)
Just pay attention to your breathing and breath.(ただ、呼吸に注意を向けて、呼吸して下さい)
Meditation(瞑想)enhances the energy of the mind.(心のエネルギーを高める)
It is important for people to taste(味わう)appreciate(享受・受け入れ、味わう)the energy.(エネルギー・エナジー)
Also, it is important to taste(味わう・感覚)appreicate(享受・受け入れ、楽しむ)it in order to rejuvanate(若返られる、活力を取り戻させる)your brain.(脳)
Be aware of the feeling of tasting everything.
Peaple defend(防衛)when they have anxiety(不安・心配)in their hearts.
Pulse diagnosis(脈診)is a diagnosis on a sensation(感覚・知覚)of primitive(素朴な・基本の)fingertip.(指先・指端)
The ideas(思想)that form the basis(根幹)of chinese medicine(中国医学)are yin(陰)and yang.(陽)
It is method(方法・方式)to cure(治す)the disease(=病気)be enhancing(高める・増す)the natural healing power(自然治癒力・回復力)and vitality(生命力)of the body by harmonizing(調和させて・協調させる)this yin and yang.
Harmonizing this yin(陰)and yang(陽)is the most(最も)important treatment(治療)method.
I consider(よく考える・考察する)this yin(陰気)and yang(陽気)to be energy.(Positive energy and negative energy)(私はこの陰気と陽気はエナジーと考えます)(ポジティブエナジーとネガティブエナジー)
Harmonizing this energy is the primary goal.(第一の目標・第一の主要な)
Acupuncture(鍼治療)has the effect(効果)of superiorty(優位)para-sympathetic nerves.(副交感神経)
Brings(もたらす・導く)(持ってくる)the yang(陽気)to the yin.(陰気)There is an idea to bring the yang to yin.(陽から陰へ)
This idea(考え方・発想)is great idea.(素晴らしい発想)
It is most essential(重要な・必要な)for me to apply(応用する・利用する)this idea to the treatment method.
A world of harmony and a world of bring.(調和の世界)(もたらす世界)
The way of thinking in Eastern Philosophy.
Everything has two sides.(二面性)(すべての物事は二面性がある)For example, the yin(陰)and yang(陽)of Eastern thought.(東洋思想)
Yin(陰)is activated(活動する・活性化する)by bring the yang.(陽)
Harmonize these two contradictory(相反する・正反対の)works to bring out the inner power.(内なる力)of the body.
This idea is very interesting.
Great hint(大いなるヒント・手がかり)when thinking about illness.(病気)
Immune aging(免疫の老化)is gret hint.(手がかり)
In the coming ear, hints of immune aging will be requires.(必要とする)
An approach to immune aging is need.
Immunity can be enhanced by improving(向上・改善)the blood flow in the capillaries.(毛細血管)
Acupuncture(鍼術)enhanced the circulation(循環)of capillaris.
The key to good health lies in the capillares.
Immunity is boosted by increasing the circulation of capillaries with acupuncture(鍼治療)
Rejuvenation(若返り・元気回復)of capillaries improves immunity.
Specifically(具体的には)it is important to improve the circulation of capillaries.On the surface of the skin.
Acupuncture(鍼治療・A tschnipue that targetes the「skin」without insert.(刺さないで「皮膚」を治療目標にする手法)(鍼を打たない・Do not hit needle)Acupuncture is an effective techniques.(鍼術は有効な手法です)
The therapeutic(治療上の)goal is the skin.
Circulation of capillaries on the surface of the skin.
Circular acupuncture is performed on the surface of this skin.
Rub your back with circular acupuncture.
Do this several tim(数回)from top to bottom.(Shoulder from back)(肩から腰)
This technique is effective(効き目)against capillary circulation and deseases.
This method is seacret method.
Acupuncture treatment of pain(痛み)or disease(病気)by inserting(差し込む・入れる)the tip of needles at specific(特効のある)point on the skin.(皮膚)
Acupuncture promoted circulation.(鍼治療は循環を促進します)
Use traditional acupuncture to regulate(整える) the「flow of energy」
I interpret medicin(解釈する)and treat oriental medicine domestic medicine. and it is medicine to harmonize.
Harmonize mind and body.
For example, To grow while making mistakes it is important to be「cherful」「fun」and 「positive」
Harmony is when to energy collided(ぶつかる・衝突する)and haemonise.(調和させる)
This idea is seclet treasure.
Displin is key to success.
Let's become ourselves aiming(狙いつける)for heighte.
Awareness to overcome is important.
Be optimistic and active.
In oriental medicine they are called「meridians」(経絡)(けいらく)and 「acupuncture point」(経穴)(けいけつ)
Meridians is meridian.(経線・子午線)It means the meridian of the earth.
Oriental medicine considers(考察する)meridian to be a passage(通路・通過する)throgh which 気(qi)energy flows.
We believe that ideal flow of 気(qi)and blood(血)(けつ)during the merideans is healthy.
In order to generate ideas, the hint is to learn well and play well.
There are hints of ideas in interesting places.
There fore, it is inportant to do everything that is interesting.
From now on「Design thinking」is inportant.
Acupuncture has the effect of in crasing capillary circulation and rejuvenation the body.
Acupuncture has the effect of improving capillary circulation and energizing the body.
Pulse diagnosis in chinese medicine examines vitality.
The effect of acupuncture is cerebral circulation and function.
Acupuncture is an important way connects dots.
A passage(meridians)is created by connecting dots.
In life as will, the idea of『connecting the dots』an important idea.
Also,『The point will eventually become lines, and the will eventually become faces』
This idea is also in interesting.
There is nothing wasted.
It is important that a line, is born from a point and(intersect)that line.
It's an encounter, an encounter is important in life.
Human are expresion of joy.
It is important to keep it interesting.
Acupuncture works for pain in the shoulder area.
Acupuncture works for pain in the lower back area.
It’s acupuncture has a technique to remove inflammation.
This is most important idea of acupuncture.
There is happy medium in everything.
It is a quesion of finding happy medium.
All things are in a state of flux.
If it turns to the cathode, it will turn positive.
(陰 極まれば 陽に転ず)(陽 極まれば 陰に転ず)
We have two elements Yin and Yang.
Interest, interset and fun are energy.
Interest and fun are trasures for important keyword in life and research.
This feeling is also important in clinical resarch on pulse diagnosis acupuncture.
Life is fumbling.
Pulse diagnosis acupuncture is also a fumbling state clinical study.
If it can be imaged It can be created.
Aim for one chance.
Don’t forget your original intention.
He who would climb the ladder must begin at the botton.
Obsession for victory.
I have been obsessed with the pulse and researched acupuncture.
This strong commitment(obsession)is great energy.
The importance of information.
The art of war, by Sun Tzus.
If you know your enemy and you know yourself, there is no danger of a hundred battles.
(敵を知り己を知れば百戦危うからず)<孫子・孫武> (人学ばざるは道を知らず)<礼記・孔子>
Desires in clude「Pleasant - desires」and「Painful - desires」
Aim for a desire that makes you feel happy and happy.
It’s take it positively and pleasant.
Coexistence with nature is important for helth.
This is becourse the body is one with nature.
Acupuncture is about strengthening the vital energy flow of nature.
“気の流れ” を英語で表現しますと vitel energy flow or flow of energy と言います。つまり “生命” のエネルギーの流れとなります。
This expression is very interesting:English
Health and vitality are important for life.
The secret of polse diagnosis acupuncture.
Professionally the “harmony of yin and yang”
A pulsation in the middle vein without being biased to the shade or the yang.
It’s super happy.
Laughter is source of good health.
☆You don’t laugh becouse you’re happy.
☆You’re happy becouse you laugh.
(Alain):Emile-Auguste chartier.
The utility of distraction and interesting.
Distraction and interesting are treasures of life.
The treasur of life is the determination.
(人生の宝は ”決意” をすることです)
And the first step is to take the first step.
Also, it is important to “Rejoice” in the that first step.
(さらに、その第一歩を ”歓喜” (大いに喜ぶ)することが 大事です)
At this time, it is important to push out freely and brightly.
If you are impressed the world in fun.
Everything depends on whethere it is fun or not.
Impression is a treasure of life : < be impressed > < It’s energy >
In oriental medicin “deficiency” and “excess” most important things.
(東洋医学では ”虚” と ”実” を最も大切に考えます)
The important things in Eastern thought is the “margin”
(東洋思想で大事なことは、それは ”余白” です)
Dificiency means incom plteteness or insufficiency.
Eastern thought:find beauty in the “deficiency”.
The idea that there is beauty in the “deficiency” is interesting.
It is also interesting to think that this “margin” has the effect of leading to Rejoice.
The meaning of constellation is “constellation” “arrangement” “entrustment”and “gathering”
The idea that the whol thing can be seen by “entrusting” it is interesting.
(”委ねる”ことによって全体が見えて来るという 考え方は興味深いですね)
Acupuncture is effective for neck pain and inflammation.
The neck is closely related to the circulation of the brain and face.
(首は ”脳” や ”顔” の循環と深く関係しています)
Acupuncture can increase brood flow in the brain.
(鍼術は ”脳” の血流を高めることができます)
Acupuncture is effective for neck pain and inflamation.
The “sterno cleido mastid : muscle” on the side of the neck is associated with a “beautiful” neck and face.
(首の横の ”胸鎖乳突筋” が美しい首や顔に関係しています)
Also, The “sterno cleido mastid : muscle ” is effective for shoulder pain and shallow breathing.
Acupuncture is effective for shoulder pain and inflamation.
The neck is closely related to the circulation of the brain and face.
(首は ”脳” や ”顔” の循環と深く関係しています)
Acupuncture can increase brood flow in the brain.
(鍼術は “脳” の血流を高める事ができます)
The “trapezius” muscle is just above the shoulder.
(”僧帽筋” は肩の真上にある筋肉です): 『僧帽筋の名の由来は修道士がかぶる台形のフード』
It is important to get rid of this muscle “over strain”
(この筋肉の ”過緊張” を取ることが大事です)
In addition, it is important to enhance the “capillary circulation” of this muscle by acupuncture.
(また、この筋肉の ”毛細血管循環”を高める事が大事です)
The meaning of “lumbago” is lower back pain.
「iliopsas muscle」(This muscle is an important muscle that “connects” the upper and lower body)
「腸陽筋」(ちょうようきん)(この筋肉は上半身と下半身を ”つなぐ” 大事な筋肉です)
“The target in acupuncture is this muscle”
“A beautiful posture comes from this muscle”
Pulse diagnosis can diagnosis “resilience”
Also, Pulse diagnosis can diagnosis the “vitality”that in the body.
(また、脈診は身体の内側に持っている ”vitality”生命力、活気、生気エネルギーを診ることができます)
Vitality is born from supple pulse.
Place your finger on “radius artery” of your wrist for examination.
(手首の ”橈骨動脈” に指を当てて診察します)
Check the “pulse” in the ”radius artery”( ”橈骨動脈” の ”脈” を診ます)or , check the pulse in the “carotid artery”(又は、”頸動脈” の脈を診ます)
Pulse diagnosis is a sensation of “primtive”finger tip.
(脈診は ”素朴” な指先の感覚による診断です)
That oxyaen is carrid to the “brain” through a system of “artery”
(血中酸素は “動脈” 系を通じて ”脳” に運ばれます)
「carotid artery」supply the fromt of the “brain”and 「vertebral arteris」”supply” the back.
「頸動脈」は ”脳” の前部に、「椎骨動脈」は ”脳”の後部に血液を ”供給” しています。
It is important to take dare of the “inside” and “outside” of the “blood vessel”
It is important to increase the power to “return”from the “legs” to the “heart”
It improve “systemic” blood flow by increasing「venous return」
(それは「静脈還流量」を高めることで ”全身の”血流が良くなります)
It’s interest “venoue return”(ヴィーナス・リターン)
Calf muscle(ふくらはぎの筋肉):cramp in the “ hamstring ”(ふくらはぎの筋肉がつった)
The “calf muscle” has the action of “foward force”and “jupping force”
(ふくらはぎの筋肉は ”前進力” や ”ジャンプする力”の作用(働き)があります)
It’s grate “calf muscle” The target in acupuncture is capillary circulation of this muscle.
The “Meridians” that “dominate” the face.
(顔を “支配” している ”経絡(けいらく)”)
@Around the “mouth” is a “stomach meridian”
(口の周囲は ”胃経絡” です)
AThe outside of the “nose” is the “large intestin”
(鼻の外側は ”大腸経絡” です)
BThe “check”of the “lung meridian”
(ほっぺえ・頬は ”肺経絡” です)
CThe “forehead” of the “heart meridian”
(おでこ・額は ”心経絡” です)
DThe “throat” of the “kidney meridian”
(喉や首は ”腎経絡” です)
☆Controlling the “spirit”.
(督脈は ”気” を支配、制御する)古典・(気の海)
☆Controlling the “blood”.
(妊脈は ”血” を支配、制御する)古典・(血の海)
@ If has effect of controlling the various“yang-energy”
A If has effect of controlling the various“yin-energy”
@自律神経系:Autonomic nervous system.
A交感神経 :Sympathetic nerve.
B副交感神経:Parasympathetic nerve.
Acupuncture is an “effective” technique for the“autonomic nervous system”
(鍼術は ”自律神経系” に ”有効” な手法です)
“Moderateness” is important in acupuncture treatment.
(鍼術に於いて大事なことは ”程(ほど)よさ” です)
That is most important ”moderate adjustment”and “It feels moderate”
(それは ”程よい加減” と ”ちょうどいい感じ” です)
This idea is a “treasure” of acupuncture.
(この考え方は鍼治療の ”宝” です)
Technically it is called “dose”
☆It great moderate(adjustment)
Reinforcing and Reducing manipulation of acupuncture therapy.
Reinforcing and Reducing method by respiration.
Reinforcing and Reducing method by keeping hole or closed.
☆”Revitalize treatment” that stimulats(気・Qi) the “organs” or the “meridians”
☆It is an excellent technipue of traditional  medicine.
☆随証療法 (ずいしょうりょうほう)
:Proof therapy<証拠・証明・兆候>
The“proof ”(proof therapy)is the ”treatment policy”in oriental medicine.
Technicaly it is called “proof therapy”
☆For example, You can “regain” the “brillance”by taking the steps you should take.
☆Therapy in “accordanc” with the oriental medical “syndromes”
(随証療法とは ”証に従って治療が一致する”の意味です)<証に随って治療する>)
☆Shoulder stiffness:Symptom of shoulder stiffness.
☆Neck stiffness :feel “stiff” around the neck.
(首すじがかたく”凝って” 曲がりにくい)
If you use your eyes too much, your neck and shoulders stiff.
☆capillary circulation is “associated” with muscle “stiffness” and stiff.
☆Acupuncture has an excellent function of promoting capillary circulation.
☆If you raise your sense you will know the value.
☆I believe that human brain can exert "tremendous" if it is serius.
☆Utilize techniques(技・わざ)for yourself and others.
☆There is a king in continuing to affirm.
☆In other words, there things will「find the beauty」of the deficiency.
☆@The skin has "wisdom"
☆Further more, the skin has "intelligence"
☆AI believe the skin has another brain "function"
☆BTherefore, there is a "clos-connection" between the skin and brain. I think.
☆CThe skin can be considered the second brain.
☆DThe skin "correlated" with the "lung" and "largeintestin"
☆EWhen it comes to "glossy skin" "energy" comes out.
☆FSkin is mysterious.
☆And also, It has a lot of "Potential"
(そしてまた、沢山の "潜在能力" を持っている)
☆GThis "Power of intelligence" is important for interesting and having fun.
(面白がったり、楽しむためには、この "知性の力" が大切となります)
☆HIntelligence:refers to human「cognitive abilities」including "sensory percepion"
(知性は:"感覚的な知覚作用" を含めた人間の「認識能力」を指します)
☆In addition to:the ability to (know)(知る).(think)(考える).and(judge)(判断)things.(物事を)
☆IMore over "Senory and Perceptual action" are also very important.
(加えて "感覚的な知覚作用" もとても重要です)
☆J"Imagination" is stronger than "Consciusness"
("想像" は "意識" より強い)
☆People gain confidence when they "see" and "touch" the "real thing"
(人間は "本物" を"見たり" "触れたり" すると自信がでる)
☆In other words, be impressed. impression.excitment.deep emotion.
☆Don’t raise "blood sugar" too quicly.
Eat the "Vegetables" first.
(それは、最初に "野菜" を食べる)
☆The concept of connecting "dot’s" to from a "surface"
(点と点が繋がって "面" となる考え方)
The meaning of the "face" here means the "result"
(ここでの "面" の意味は "結果" や "成果" を意味します)
☆A treasure of oriental thought.
☆@When yin(陰)reaches it’s peak, it will begin to transform in to yang(陽)
(陰極まれば、陽になる):It energy flows. flow of energy.(エナジーは流動する).(気の流れ).energy flow .(生命力の流れ)
☆AThe yin(陰)energy is activated by "bring" the yang(陽)energy.
☆BThe idea that all things have "two sides"
(また、すべての物事は "二面性" からなるという考え方です)
☆As an example, the yin (陰)and yang(陽)of eastern thought.

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